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Keeping it busy during pandemic

It’s a never-ending story. Lockdown. Partial lockdown. No lockdown. Then lockdown again.

It’s been ages since we can really and FREELY go out to shop, hang out with our friends, spend a nice weekend out with the family or celebrate someone’s birthday with a party. Instead, we are still stuck in a too-much-too-boring “new normal” routine at home. If you’re someone like me, whose been easily engulfed by the internet, swiping thru pages and pages of websites when there’s nothing much to do, then we are in luck because I found us a couple of articles that show simples ways to keep us busy and not be too bored when feeling stuck at home during these pandemic times. I’m here to share some of those tips and ideas with you right now!


You guessed it! The number one suggestion on the list will have something to do with exercise. Raise your hand if you gained a pound or two during the lockdown. Anyone?! Chances are.. you did! And so did everybody else. Including me! If you can’t do much exercise at home, or you’re being too lazy, maybe setting up a designated work-out spot somewhere in the house will do the trick! Do you have a mat and a jumping rope, assign a corner for a short 10-minute morning routine. Take the stairs a flight up and down for a good heart-pumping action allowing you to burn 0.17 calories for every step you climb. It’s easy and readily available.  

Are you into dancing? You can try zumba! Check out this my blog, 'Push yourself and dance like no one's watching', and have a look at our Youtube video for more!  


It all starts with grabbing a book or a magazine or simply searching online for “interesting stories to read”. When you're immersed in the story, you wouldn’t realize how time flew by fast, not to mention, reading brings you to a different dimension. It enables you to travel to places, live multiple lives and see a different perspective of life without leaving the comfort of your own sofa. There are so many things that you can learn from reading fiction or non-fiction stories. An extra tip, read together with your kids to help them further with their comprehension for better growth and development.


To us Filipinos, it’s part of our culture to send balikbayan boxes at home. Take this time to sort through all your old clothes, outgrown kids clothes and even old toys. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how many you can get rid of and donate! If sending through balikbayan boxes is not an option, there are many ways and places to bring your old clothes for donation. Here in the Netherlands there’s a textile recycling bin available alongside paper, glass and plastic recycling bins provided along the road by each municipality. Otherwise, you can bring them to a specific second-hand clothes shop. Donating your clothes is a really good way to help the environment through recycling, plus it feels good to know that somebody else could benefit  and enjoy something you once liked or loved.


Do you want to learn how to bake, knit or play the guitar? Now would be a great time to give an hour or two, a few days a week from your daily schedule to learn a new skill. What about maybe practicing speaking Dutch?? (yes, I’m talking to you, our readers from the Netherlands hehe), or maybe learn another language? Engage in online courses or check out Youtube videos to help you practice or hone a learned skill. Learning or perfecting a new skill brings that mental and physical boost you need during these times.

Are you into sewing? I recently purchased a hand-held sewing machine. Check out this video if you think this is something you’d like to add to your gadgets at home.


If you’re like me, you probably have a few cookbooks at home. Maybe one of international recipes, another a diet cookbook, maybe a Jamie Oliver? Or maybe Betty Crocker desserts? Have you ever thought of going over your favorite recipes and maybe collate them in a recipe journal? If there’s a means for you to create just one notebook to find your most popular dishes and the kids’ favorite pastries and bakes, now's the time to do it. You might even be surprised to find an interesting recipe you've never read before that might be worth trying!


This is my personal favorite because preparing one allows me to visually see my week ahead. It shows the things I plan to do for myself, my family and for work, and as I cross out the things that have been done, it gives me a better sense of fulfillment. A visual representation of your weekly calendar gives you a sort of confirmation that you are doing something and that time is not wasted. Lots of things have actually been accomplished and that’s a good thing!


Related to the tip above, building a routine improves your sense of productivity. It also helps give you a sense of control. Because we stay at home longer than usual, we tend to get lazy and not care about how the day goes by. Sometimes we even walk around the house in our pajamas and just go with the flow. (Agree with me on this one? hehe). This makes a lot of us become couch potatoes and there’s nothing wrong with that, ofcourse. But if you do this on weeks end, then this will be quite a very difficult habit to break. We are losing the structure and routine we are used to because we are just stuck at home. So now may be a good time to start a new one. Build a new routine. Our brain strives with structure, consistency and predictability. We better reconsider that. 


These are the weirdest times for everyone, but it’s never been more obvious to know that “no man is an island”. So keep in touch with friends and family, be it online or on the phone. Schedule a zoom meeting or participate in group apps. Maybe decide to watch a Netflix movie at the same time and then talk about what you like about it together over the phone or on messenger. When there’s a chance to go out (following covid rules, of course), go for a walk around the neighborhood with a friend. Anything to stay connected.

Keeping busy is also one way of getting those negative emotions at bay, so let’s be kind to ourselves and make time for ourselves. We’ll all make it through this for sure! Keep healthy and stay safe everyone!



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