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Push yourself... and dance like no one's watching!

Let’s face it. We have ENOUGH to do at home. Between taking care of the family, cleaning up the house and to some of us, going to our payroll jobs, there’s just no time in the world to go to the gym once or twice a week or take that walk around the neighbourhood alone or with a friend, especially in this cold weather!

However, wouldn’t it be nice if we could only, (and even just only!) for half an hour or so of our precious time, get that booty to shake and burn off some of those calories we’re so wanting to get rid of for ages?! Finding a fun activity that keeps you moving might not be that difficult after all. All you need is commitment and to push yourself to be consistent!

Let's zumba!

To some of us, and even to the most dedicated exercise enthusiast, it does get harder to exercise and keep yourself fit during the winter season (and I’m talking about those of us who live in 4-seasoned countries). But it doesn’t have to be a burden to you to find that extra time and place. For me, all it takes is a small space in front of the tv or on the corner of our kitchen in front of my phone and I do my zumba workout. A quick 30-minute zumba dance can burn 300-800 calories depending on intensity, your age and overall genetics. And the more frequently you do it, the better it is for your health. Doing this kind of dance or endurance exercise also improves one’s mood. It increases the levels of endorphins that naturally lifts up one’s spirit and helps us focus on achieving our day to day goals. And that’s why I’m doing it!

A great cardio workout

Vangie Kramer, zumba instructor NL

Now, does it have to be zumba? Of course not. There are many other dance cardio programs out there like bollywood dancing, hula hoop dancing or even salsa. It doesn’t have to be dance either if you can’t really follow a rhythm. Any aerobic exercise will do so long as you keep your body moving to increase that blood flow. For me though, I love zumba because I love to dance! And ever since I got my first zumba DVD more than 10 years ago, I haven’t tried any other dance cardio programs, and I don’t think I ever will. That’s how satisfied I am just doing Beto’s cardio workout!

So if you like to dance, spare yourself half an hour once or twice a week (the more frequent, the better of course) and dance like no one’s watching! No DVD? No worries! There are so many available videos on the internet that you can follow. For Pinay mom’s out there, you can check out Omavangie Rax on youtube as she offers a playlist of zumba workouts that are easy to follow. She’s a zumba instructor here in the Netherlands and a content creator so please check out her channel as well! Recently, I purchased some merch from her and I’m loving it! I can’t wait to use them on my next zumba workout!

If you’d also like to visit my channel, please check out my video on Five healthy habits to begin the new year! Although this episode was published in 2020, the message still holds true for 2021 and for many more to come. So don’t forget, push yourself and dance like no one’s watching! 

Let’s keep ourselves healthy and happy for the coming new year!

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