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Motherhood between windmills and tulips

Keukenhof: the Garden of Europe

When I think of Holland, three things come to mind: windmills, dutch clogs and tulips. 

I must say, I think I was destined to live here in the Netherlands, or at least destined to visit the beautiful ‘Garden of Europe”, Keukenhof. I remember being an 8 year-old who drew something resembling that of a tulip whenever anyone asked me to draw a flower. I didn’t draw 5 petals with a leaf or two. I drew a tulip bud with its sepals. 

Keukenhof is one of the main tourists attractions when you visit the Netherlands, but one should always keep in mind that this flower garden is only open to public during the spring months of March to May. Millions of people visit this beautiful garden and get a chance to see a stunning display of 7 million different flower bulbs. Seven million! I learned that all these flower bulbs were apparently donated by growers all over the land and are planted during the fall season. The flowerbeds are prepared and are synchronized to different bulb flowerings to ensure its peak bloom during the 8-week public opening. And I’ve been so lucky to have visited Keukenhof a few times already! 

Let me show you some of the beautiful photos we took from previous visits to this awesome place. Check out the gallery below. 

And if you want to watch one of our videos featuring Keukenhof, please click the video link here.

From my experience, it’s always crowded when you visit Keukenhof. It didn’t matter if you plan a visit during a weekday or a weekend. It was always full of locals and tourists! It might be wise not to go during the weekends however or local holidays because of obvious reasons but don’t also expect that weekdays will be quiet and less crowded. The garden will always be filled with its visitors.  

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