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It’s April. We are in the middle of spring. Usually, the wedding season begins to really take off around spring time and I cannot help but remember that time 12 years ago when I was busy planning for my own wedding. As soon as my husband proposed to me and I said yes, my mind started thinking of how to plan for our wedding. I had no idea! I was living in Los Angeles at that time with only an aunt as my family who lived 2.5 hours away in San Diego. My parents and siblings were back in the Philippines at that time. My husband’s family back in the Netherlands. I knew that I had to be smart and look into all the possible means to have an affordable wedding. I knew we had to stick to a budget. Why? Unlike the traditional wedding practices back home in the Philippines, we didn’t plan to have any wedding sponsors or what you call in colloquial terms, ninong at ninang. We didn’t want to have a big wedding and invite everybody we know (it will be difficult to have them all travel to the US anyway). My husband and I decided only to rely on own resources. We just wanted to have a simple yet solemn and intimate celebration with only very close friends and family. Had we been in the Philippines, it would have been a different story of course. 

And so my wedding planning began. And it was all jump-started by a small book by Allan Fields called 'Bridal Bargains: Secrets to throwing a fantastic wedding on a realistic budget'.  My book was an old edition, but even so, it didn’t disappoint to give me valuable strategies on how to spend time and money wisely in planning for a wedding. It gave me tips from “save the date” invitations, to food choices, from choosing the type of venue, to making arrangements with vendors and coordinating with my day planner. It was my guide. I had to read it and learn from it because it was my guide.  

Fast forward to this present day and we are now in the midst of a global health crisis. 

But life must go on and some brides and grooms are determined to get married no matter what life throws at them. However, there will be couples who will feel lost and uncertain about how and when to plan this most important event of their lives. Luckily for our kababayans in the Philippines, two awesome women, Jenne Rabe and Gen Lee, who share the love for events had this amazing vision to help our Filipino brides (and grooms) plan their wedding in the Philippines amidst this pandemic. And from that, Worldwide Weddings PH was born. 

Starting May until July 2021, Worldwide Weddings PH will host an online expo and it will be the first and only nationwide online bridal fair in the Philippines! During this event, soon-to-be weds will have the opportunity to get information on updated  government guidelines, legitimate vendors and suppliers, and tips on where to get the best deals and discounts for their wedding planned for this year, 2021 and even for next year 2022. This will be a great and very helpful source, I dare say, pretty much like that little book I got 12 years ago. This will be YOUR little book online, and on screen! And the plus side?  You’ll be getting all your needed information IN THE COMFORTS OF YOUR OWN HOME. How cool is that?!  

So if you are planning to have your most special day of your life happen this year (or next year) or if you know someone who plans to get married anytime soon, do let them know of this awesome online event that will help save them from the stress. Nowadays, a lot of couples prefer to be more hands on with vendors and coordinators. But planning a wedding should not be so fraught with fears and worries, especially during these times. So allow resources they will offer (and thank Jenne and Gen later!) to help you or your friend, despite this pandemic, make it happen and make that experience as magical as it can be for the bride and the groom!

To learn more about this EXPO, visit

Visit their facebook page by clicking this link and don't forget to share this with your friends and family!

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