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What's in a wedding cake?

Hello June brides out there! What’s on the menu for today’s special dinner at home for your wedding anniversary? And to you who are busy preparing for the most important day in your life, is everything ready yet? Don’t worry, your day will be special and everything will be great!. We may always have this fairy tale idea of what our weddings should be like. Sometimes that happens in reality, sometimes it doesn’t and that's okay. I have a small confession to make. During my wedding, although a few things didn’t happen the way I wanted it to, all of my guests were pretty happy and they enjoyed the wedding reception. “The wedding was very intimate and cozy, Tarah! We loved it!” Some would even add, “The food was great, where did you get your wedding cake from?!”  

I must admit, our wedding cake was especially delicious!

Our Red Velvet wedding cake

Ours was a delicious 3-tiered red velvet cake with a very moist velvety texture and a scrumptious cream cheese frosting! Yum yum! The flavor was just a perfect combination of the rich chocolatey taste I like in my cakes and then some! The best part, it wasn’t too sweet that we kept wanting for more! My husband and I scheduled for a few cake testing before we decided on this flavor. The classic vanilla and yellow cake as well as raspberry and other fruit flavors were on that list. It even included mango! But what I didn’t really expect to like was the red velvet. But yes, I was very happy with our wedding cake so much so that I’ve become a fan of the red velvet flavor on cakes and other pastries.

But have you ever wondered why a wedding cake has become an important part of a wedding celebration? Little is talked about on why you have to have a wedding cake on your special day. And even to a lesser extent, where this idea originated from. History tells us that back in the Roman times, these cakes started off as wheat grains thrown at the new couple during the ceremony as a symbol of luck and fertility. Through time, the wheat grains were baked and there you go, the wedding cake was born! And when you stack them together, it signifies a sign of prosperity. Hmm, which makes me wonder.. is it therefore, the more tiers, the more prosperous?? Well, different cultures sure do have their own practices and own tradition on how to prepare and serve the wedding cake. Even nowadays, the choices are endless when it comes to flavour, design and yes, even height!

Wedding trends will come and go. Practices will change and others will remain tradition. But the bottom line is, your wedding cake is unique and representative of you as a couple. Its richness of flavors will symbolize a long-lasting, rich and happy marriage for you  both.  And that’s what’s most important as you start your journey in life together.

For more on the history of wedding cakes, let me share with you this article by Brides and Cosmopolitan to learn more about it. And for those brides-to-be back home in the Philippines, please check out Worldwide Weddings website for more information on their online bridal fair which is ongoing from May till August 2021! 

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