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What 'me time' and 'we time' mean to me nowadays 

As mothers, we hardly have any time to do things for ourselves. Especially if we’re taking care of our babies and preschoolers.  Their constant demand for attention and care just does not allow for a moment of “time out” or a breather.

And to be honest, the concept of “me time” did not really occur to me when I was a first time mom because I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t get any help anyway other than my husband’s.  My in-laws live hours away and my parents live abroad.  There was just no other help.

Still, it’s nice to remember my first “me time” when I went window shopping by myself at the city center while my husband took care of our first born. Reliving that moment, I guess you can say, I felt excited and giddy. I felt free again to do what I want without interruption or worry. Free to take my time to just relax and enjoy.

However, I also remember being anxious to get home to my baby. Did you also have that feeling back then?

Me myself and I

Having ‘me time’ is very important especially to us moms. And even if let’s say you’re single.. but you’re super busy and stressed at work.. I think you need some ‘me time’ too! Getting that breather or a little bit of time out will certainly allow for a reboot of our mind and our spirit. It’s the refresh button necessary for our emotional, mental and physical stability. Without it, we’d be grumpy and if that was me, nobody at home’s gonna be happy!


And then, there’s “we-time”. In this day and age where almost everybody has their mobile devices at home, it has gotten quite difficult for families to spend time together away from these gadgets. 

Here at home, it’s even extra difficult for us considering my husband works in IT and my hobby involves the internet. But I try my very best to set limits (on all of us, parents included!)  and make it a point to spend a day together outside and go to the park or cycle around the neighborhood or visit a museum (we have museum passes!).  Now that the restrictions have been lifted in public spaces here in the Netherlands, we can go out and about again as a family.

But don’t get me wrong.. We also spend time as a family in front of our computer screens. That’s inevitable.

“We time” with your partner is also as important. Whether you have kids or not, spending quality time as a couple strengthens your bond. Even as simple as a dinner date or a movie date, like what we do here at home, makes a difference.  You need to keep that spark going as they say, right? That’s very important in a relationship.


So what does ‘me time’ mean to me nowadays? Now that my sons are older (age 9 and 6) and needing less attention, I can now spend some ‘alone time’ even inside my home. It could also mean going through my closet and checking out what still fits. It could even be as simple as sitting on our couch just listening to 80s OPM (Original Pilipino music)  and singing along while doing nothing. Yes, sometimes I feel nostalgic… hehe. And as for the family, like I’ve mentioned earlier, we love visiting museums! The second on our list would be going to the park. But yes, sometimes we just sit in front of the couch and watch Netflix together or play video games on our play station. And that’s okay too!

 No matter what we choose to do during these “uninterrupted” moments alone or with that quality time together with loved ones, we should always make the most of it, enjoy it and even try to do it as regularly as possible. In doing so, it’ll help us have more control of our feelings and emotions. It will help us take care of our loved ones better, and most importantly, will help take care of ourselves the best we can! We all deserve it!


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